FDI & Protective Security

Foreign direct investments (FDI) and security-sensitive business activities are subject to increasing regulatory review both on a national and EU level. In a constantly shifting geopolitical landscape, the public interest for scrutinising transactions is emphasised and the trend is towards new and more stringent screening regimes. The result is a complex legal environment and challenges to deal certainty.

Our FDI & Protective Security team utilises our unrivalled expertise and experience from transactions, merger control, and regulatory review procedures before supervisory authorities. Our experience and expertise in matters ranging from healthcare to dual-use goods, as well as our understanding of the relevant authorities’ processes and case practice, enable us to provide timely and strategic advice, which is often decisive for the successful completion of the contemplated transaction.

In matters related to the Swedish Protective Security Act, our advice not only encompasses contacts with supervisory authorities in the context of transactions, but also assistance in identifying security-sensitive activities and advice regarding information security. Our team has extensive experience from both transactional and compliance assignments, working with clients in both the public and private sectors.

Moreover, we team up with legal partners in other jurisdictions to ensure a streamlined multi-jurisdictional process for our clients. We deliver one-stop-shop advice on FDI screening matters and national security legislation, including feasibility studies, authority contacts, the filing process, and post-transaction compliance, while simultaneously ensuring a smooth transaction process.

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