Public Procurement

We advise major private companies and contracting authorities in their most challenging projects. Our public procurement team advise on all phases of complex procurement projects and contracts, and the team has advised on some of Sweden’s largest procurements.

We provide contracting authorities with strategic advice and assist them during the whole procurement processes, including the structuring of the procurement process, drafting of procurement documents, assisting in negotiations with suppliers, and evaluation of tenders. For our clients on the supplier side, we provide advice on all procurement law issues that arise in connection with public procurements, including negotiations, tendering, and disputes, influencing in tendering competitions during market surveys, analysis of calls to tender, compliance with calls to tender, risk analysis, drafting of bids, review procedures in court proceedings, as well as contractual negotiations.

Our team frequently represents suppliers and contracting authorities in court proceedings such as appeals of contract award decisions, fines for public procurement breaches and damages claims made under procurement law. We have handled some of the largest cases and have on several occasions successfully assisted clients in the highest courts in Sweden.

We have exceptional knowledge of public procurements relating to technology, life science, healthcare, telecom, real estate, and public transportation, and the team also has substantial experience of Public-Private Partnership projects.

  • Providing strategic and operative advice both to contracting authorities and suppliers at all phases of the public procurement process

  • Drafting and reviewing procurement documents, tenders, and clarifications

  • Assisting in the market surveys and Q&As

  • Assisting in the assessment and evaluation of tenders before and after submission to identify flaws and to maximise points

  • Assisting in the assessment of the correctness of the procurement award decisions

  • Providing advice in relation to demands for correction, appeals, and damages claims based on procurement law and to fines for public procurement breaches, as well as to contacts with the supervisory authority

  • Assisting in negotiations and any issues arising before or during the public procurement contract period

  • Providing advice on public information and confidentiality and other commercial public law matters, as well as litigating these issues

  • Providing advice on M&A-related public procurement questions, such as the amendment and transfer of agreements

  • Assisting with the assessment of in-house procurements, contracting authority status, and legality of contract amendments

  • Sharing our expertise and experience through customised seminars and lectures on public procurement rules based on our clients’ needs
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