Projects & Construction

Our Projects & Construction team advises project sponsors, lenders, acquirers, corporates, and contractors on all aspects of projects and project financings, for instance, in the energy and infrastructure sectors, including industrial and energy outsourcing. We also advise employers, contractors, engineers, and consultants on standalone construction and engineering projects, including turnkey EPC contracts and EPCM agreements in respect of, for instance, power plants and industrial facilities, O&M contracts, and the procurement of large equipment, machinery, and industrial systems. In addition, our team advises on standalone commodity supply agreements including corporate power purchase agreements.

We are experienced in structuring and establishing partnership models, including various forms of public-private partnerships and alliance models and joint ventures, conducting due diligence reviews, drafting and negotiating the full spectrum of bankable project documents and financing and security agreements, and coordinating projects.

In addition to project specific bespoke solutions, we know our way around standardised forms of contract, such as the internationally used FIDIC suite of contracts, e.g. NLM10, NL09, and Orgalime general conditions, as well as the Swedish AB 04 and ABT 06 terms. Regardless of contract setup, we are accustomed to keeping a close eye on interface management in projects building on disaggregated contracting strategies.

An important goal for us is to help clients prevent resource-intensive and lengthy litigation following the completion of a project. To reach this goal, we advise our clients on a full lifecycle approach, emphasising the importance of proper implementation of a signed contract package, following up on contract management aspects during execution from a claim mitigation standpoint, and support our clients in navigating through contentious issues arising during the execution of a project in terms of claims management and strategic decision-making. Our Dispute Resolution and Projects & Construction teams work closely together in both contentious and non-contentious mandates, both with an eye to dispute prevention at the contract drafting stage and efficient resolution of disputes after they have arisen at the execution phase.

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